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English Task 3.1

This is a touching experience for me with my mother, this story happened when I was in elementary school, the following story which I wrote it with all your heart and love to my mother, my mother’s number one in the world:

This night was so dark, the moon as if reluctant to reveal his face hidden behind a cloud vote. I mused in the room in silence, staring at the chicken from the clay piggy bank giving my mother a year ago.

Remembering those days makes me want to smile, ah … there’s always the mother who made me very grateful to him already have you.

By then I was next grade six elementary schools that means another year I will soon be entering junior high school. Praise to the Almighty, I ranked first in my class and then the mother promised to give me a gift.

That morning I was delighted, mother woke me with a warm kiss on the forehead, after I opened my eyes I saw a pack of gift in his hand. Immediately I was bouncing with excitement and immediately embraced motherhood. When would I opened, he gave a sign that the package should not be opened first, mom told me to shower and breakfast then we opened presents together. Desperate to know what is in it, I was immediately rushed to obey mother and a shower and then breakfast. Can not wait to get to unwrap it’s pink, it’s my favorite color.

Finally I arrived at the wait, me and mother jointly opened the gift. A piggy bank made of clay chicken dark green instead of pink, it’s late father’s favorite color.

Actually I was somewhat disappointed with the contents of these gifts, I was hoping to get a new school bag, pink bag that I saw while shopping with his mother a week ago.

I immediately turned to my bedroom pitu slightly open, the gap that is not how I see it the only one that has been battered school bag, if the rainy season is often when home from school, I had to put it in bags to keep wet crackle as it is the only bag I had. If wet the next day I would be willing to go to school without wearing a bag.

Apparently the mother immediately read the expression on my face disappointment on the water, she immediately smiled and comforted, he explained that to continue to junior high school need not cost you a bit so I need to save from this moment to achieve that dream.

Although I’m still high ego toddler I know little about this, we indeed live very simple and again my mother was living alone without a father since I was six years old. I know mom every day to work hard to drudge for everyday living expenses plus the cost of my school and my brother and sister.

Since the day I got a chicken from a clay piggy bank, I began diligently saving. Every day half of my allowance, I set aside to put in a piggy bank. Not infrequently when I get money from my mother’s sister, who lived not far from our house, I also set aside.

Now a year has passed, it was time I entered junior high school. Again I prayed to praise and thank the Divine, I obtained a passing score on the elementary level provinsiku best so I got a scholarship to attend junior high schools in my town during one school year.

Two days more people who are very dear in my life I will celebrate 47th birthday. My mother is increasingly weak in the meal’s age and circumstances. When I observe his face, he looked five years older than his age, but a warm smile and friendliness cover it all.

I plan to give a batik shirt for women because it seems all the clothes worn mother. Another week of disposal event will be held the school sixth-grade students and parents of students also must attend the event. I want women to look beautiful on that day.

Unbeknownst to him I want to take money celenganku to buy batik clothes.

The next morning I immediately break the piggy bank for a year of chicken that has accompanied my days. After I calculate the accumulated money USD 125 800, 00. Without much wasting time I rushed into the market to buy batik clothes for mothers. After the tour I get a model of good clothes, never mind the price is a bit expensive for the sake of giving a special gift for him.

Tomorrow I want to buy snacks in the market place Mak Ijah from the rest of the savings I had, I was planning to distribute sweets to the neighbors about the market as a mother’s birthday celebration. Anyway, tomorrow should be one of the happiest day in the life of the mother.

When I exit the market before long and then suddenly a fairly heavy rain. Fortunately learn from the experience of the days of yesterday are always raining, I was ready to bring an umbrella. This time the rain really hard, I immediately swung step quickly so as not to get soaked despite wearing an umbrella senenarnya still affected by wind rain soaking my clothes.

After half an hour walk, finally arrived at home. With a smile of relief, I immediately held the paper bag containing the mother’s batik shirt.

How shocked myself to discover the front of the bag and not have to tear half the contents described in it was already empty. My body seemed limp, was all in vain. But I quickly ran down the back road I had passed.

I do not pay attention anymore rain that hit my body. My tears unstoppable again mixed with water pouring rain. I ran and kept running, the more wobbly steps but also not met batik shirt for mom. Suddenly, my vision blurred, my legs could no longer stand as though, I’m sorry mom …

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