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English Task 3.0

Solutions in the implementation of the Coal Power Plant? Electricity generating a largebut highly polluting environment.

“If the Earth did not think the situation is already very sick, coal is interesting, because cheap and available in large quantities. Contribution of coal on the world’s commercial energy supply in 2006 reached 25%, followed by petroleum.But, in connection with a high density carbon, coal is responsible for about 40% release of carbon dioxide into the air, while carbon dioxide contributes 80% of overall greenhouse gases. So we can say that coal is the environmental monsters. (World Renewables).”

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Fossil-fueled power plants (coal, natural gas, petroleum) will threaten 70 percent of the ecosystem,including soil fertility,geothermal,and human health.
I suggest the construction of fossil-fueled power plants, especially coal, to considerhow a compromise between cost considerations (financial) environment(nonfinancial). Because the waste heat of combustion due to the efficiency of theenergy cycle will be discharged into the atmosphere, because it is not diverted for heating the room.
Residual gas combustion products discharged into the atmosphere contains carbondioxide, water vapor, nitrogen, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and light gray(especially coal) and possibly
mercury, so that fossil fuel power plants is a majorpeyumbang greenhouse gases and warming globalization.

If you ignore the nonfinancial considerations will indeed be cheap, because the use of coal is far cheaper than solar energy, wind, water, and energy type, but whencalculated in the long term instead of power plants with consideration of multiple criteria will be much cheaper
In my opinion, the consideration is cheap only for a moment, because the impact forhumans with fossil energy it will harm and even some existing ecosystems willterancam.Sebaiknya prioritizing the environment first, because all who live in this world, very membutuhkanya and the electrical energy is needed to find Another waybetter without sacrificing the environment.

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