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English Task 2.0

1.Tips for learning,English easly !

Answer :

English can be easily understood, if all the vocabulary words in the English language mastered. Why? Because the vocabulary is the main requirement in the formation of a sentence. This is because a sentence can be formed simply by combining some of the words, even without a clear structure of the sentence can already be understood. In English this application is true.

There are many ways you can use to master the vocabulary in English, including the following:
1. Get used to reading the Dictionary
2.Aktif in listening to conversations in English
3. Many read all the books written in English
4. and much more.
If things are done, of course English is no longer an elusive thing

2.The most ideal method in learnig English !

Answer :

I think the best method in understanding the English language is by many to hear and see a conversation in English. For example, in a film, which contained language translation, especially the language used Indonesian film actors and the translation in English. When the cast of the film to speak, the translation will be issued a conversation in English. Well, at that time was we easily learn English, because the translation was obviously written form complete sentences and with words and sentence structure baik.Untuk achieve maximum results, something like this needs to be done repeatedly.
Thank you

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