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English Task

1. What is your main reason enroll in electrical engineering  ?

answer :

When I was sitting at home that day, heard on the radio got me a good news. The news says “Students Indonesia became champion at the international robot competition in the United States.” How I was astonished to hear the news. In the midst of a difficult situation, this country was still able to speak to the world through the achievements of the nation’s children.          After hearing that, I think Indonesia has a potential in the field of electronics, because after a year later I again heard that Indonesian students won again in the same competition.

This is what made me fall in love on the field of electronics, especially robotics, and I have the determination to continue to explore this potential, to continue my education, majoring in electrical engineering.

2. In your opinion , does english correlate with electrical technology  ?

answer :

In the field of electrical technology, both in theory and its application to life, English is used as a means to communicate or interact globally.
English language which has been designated as an international language by all the nations will certainly take an important role in this, because as a means of communicating the world will always use English all the people in delivering all developments and information in any field to all the nations of the world, including also the the field of electrical technology.
This happens because the electrical technology field is growing, and demanding all those involved in this field should be able to follow the developments that occur anywhere in the world.
So, this is what makes the English language related to electrical technology.

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